Song PPTs:

Above All 超越一切

Ah Lord God_偉大奇妙神.ppt

All for You 全然向祢.ppt

All_Honor_To_You 永遠尊貴.ppt

All nations will praise the Lord_萬國都要來讚美主.ppt

Amazing Grace 奇妙恩典.ppt

Amen, come, Jesus 我願祢來.ppt

Amen 阿們.ppt

Angels We Have Heard on High 天使歌唱在高天.ppt

Another Year is Dawning 新年來臨.ppt

Arise_and_shine 興起發光.ppt

As the deer 如鹿切慕溪水.ppt

Awake, O Israel 以色列興起.ppt

Because He lives 因祂活着.ppt

Because You Walk with Me 因祢與我同行.ppt

Blessed Ones 有福的人.ppt

Blessing Assurance 有福確據 Hymn #328.ppt


By Prayer Here I Come to You 我以禱告來到你跟前.ppt

Change_me_change_the_world 改變我,改變世界.ppt

China Mission 宣教的中国.ppt

Ch_哈利路亚! 来赞美.pptx




Come And Praise(Christmas) 來讚美.ppt

Come_And_Worship_bi 來歡呼讚美.ppt

Come Before You in Prayer 我以禱告來到祢跟前.ppt

Commune with Me 主,親近我.ppt

Cry Out for the Land 齊為此地呼求.ppt

Down at the Cross 在十架上.ppt

Doxology 三一頌.ppt

Echo Of The Valley 空谷的回音.pptx

Emmanual 以馬內利.ppt

Eng_Havana Shira.ppt

Eng_Kum Ba Yah.ppt


Father's beloved child 天父的孩子.ppt

Fill our hearts with love 把冷寞變成愛.ppt

Footstep of Good News 那報佳音 傳平安.ppt

Footsteps 腳步.ppt

Fountain of Joy 喜樂泉源.ppt

Give Thanks 献上感恩的心.ppt

Glory and Power to the Lord, Lai 榮耀能力歸耶和華.ppt

Glory To The Lamb 榮耀神羔羊.ppt

God's Love Refreshes My Heart 主愛滋潤我心.ppt

God will take care of you 天父必看顧你.ppt

Good Christian Men, Rejoice 信徒歡唱.ppt

Go to God's Altar 到神的祭壇.ppt

Grant me freedom sop 賜我自由.ppt

Grant us Fire of revival 求賜復興之火.pptx

Great is thy faithfulness 你的信实广大.ppt

Hallelujah Hosanna 哈利路亞  和散那 .ppt

Hallelujah Praise the Lord 哈利路亞 來讚美主.ppt

Hallelujah Savior 哈利路亞,救主.ppt

Heart of Worship 敬拜的心.ppt

He is able to change 祂能改變.ppt

Here I am Lord 主,我在這裡.ppt

He's Alive 祂活著.ppt

He's Everything to Me 救主是我一切.ppt

He Who Watches Over Israel 以色列的保護者.ppt

Himself 今要主自己.pptx_.ppt

Holy One of Israel 以色列的聖者.ppt

Holy Trinity Song 圣哉三一歌.ppt

Honor, Glory and Praise 一切歌頌讚美.ppt

How_Could_It_Be 何等恩典.ppt

How Great is Our God 我神真偉大.ppt

How Great Thou Art 你真偉大.ppt

How_precious_You_are_to_me 深觸我心.ppt

I_Am_Strengthened_In_Him 滿有能力.ppt

If you want to know 如果你想知道.ppt

I have been redeemed.ppt

I have Decided to follow Jesus.ppt

I Have Set the Lord Before Me.ppt

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow Hymn #66.ppt

I Long For You.ppt

I look upon You.ppt

In Jesus Christ We Are One Family.ppt

In Love.ppt

In Moments Like These.ppt

I_pray 禱告.ppt

I receive Your love 愛,我願意.ppt

I Sing My Lord.ppt

I Sing Praises.ppt

Isn't He Wonderful.ppt

Israel's Warrior.ppt

Is Your All On the Altar 祂自己 & 是否將一切獻上.ppt

It is No Longer I That Liveth.ppt

I've Been Redeemed.ppt

I will Bless Thee, O Lord.ppt

I Will Celebrate.ppt

I will give You my life.ppt

I Will Praise My Lord Here.ppt

Jehovah Has Reigned_耶和華神已掌權_PY.ppt

Jehovah Is Love.ppt


Jehovah You are my rock.ppt

Jesus Give You Peace 耶稣给你平安.ppt

Jesus_I_Love_You (Alleluia).ppt


Jesus loves me this I know.ppt

Jesus loves you 耶穌愛你.ppt


Jesus_My_Everything (2).ppt

Jesus Put This Song into Our Hearts.ppt

Jesus, we want to thank You 耶稣, 我們要感謝祢.ppt


Joy to the World.ppt


King of Kings, Lord of Lords.ppt

King Of Peace 平安之王.ppt

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence.ppt

Let me live in Jesus Christ.ppt

Let My People Go.ppt

Let Praise Arise.ppt

Let Praise Arise sop.ppt

Let_praise_arise 讓讃美飛揚.pptx

Let the Whole World Know 讓全世界知道.ppt

Lift_My_Eyes_Up_To_The_Hills 我要向高山舉目.ppt


Light of the World 世界之光.ppt

Listen Softly 輕輕聽.ppt

Living for Jesus 活著為耶穌.ppt

Lord I lift Your Name on High.ppt

Lord I Walk with You.ppt

Lord, I Want to Be A Christian.ppt

Lord, please come to us 主啊 求祢來到我們中間.ppt

Lord, You Are My Shepherd.ppt

Love_joy_and_life 愛喜樂生命.ppt

Love Lifted Me 主爱救我.ppt

Love meaning 愛的真諦 .ppt

Love One Another.ppt

Love Overflows.ppt

 Mary Did You Know_1.pptx 

Mary Did You Know_2.pptx

May All Nations Praise the Lord.ppt

May You Be Exalted 願祢崇高.ppt

Merry Christmas.ppt

Mission in China 宣教的中国.ppt

Morning I Wake Up to Praise the Lord.ppt

Morning I will praise You.ppt

My Best Friend.ppt

My Heart will Praise You, Lord.ppt

My Living Sacrifice.ppt

My Lord, I worship You 我的神我敬拜你.ppt


My Peace.ppt

My_Redeemer_lives 我的救贖主活著.ppt

My Wishes.ppt

Nearer my God to Thee.ppt

Near the Cross.ppt

No Longer Me 不再是我.ppt

O Come, Emmanuel 以馬內利來臨.ppt

Oh, Praise the Lord 當讚美我主.ppt

O Little Town of Bethlehem 小伯利恆.ppt

One way, Jesus 唯有耶稣.ppt

On the Cross How He Suffered 十字架上的苦難.ppt

Open my eye I may see Hymn #354 開我的眼,使我看見.ppt

Open My Eyes that I May See 開我的眼.ppt

Open the Eyes of my Heart 開啟我心的雙眼.ppt

Open Your Eyes 開啟雙眼.ppt

Open your mouth and I will fill it 大大張口.ppt

Pharaoh's Troops 法老兵馬.ppt

Power of Your love 因祢爱的大能.ppt

Praise_In_The_Desert 沙漠中的讚美.ppt

Praise in the Wilderness 曠野中的讚美.ppt

Praise My Lord 當讚美我的主.ppt

Praise the Lord All ye People 你们要赞美耶和华.ppt

Praise the Lord, O My Soul.ppt

Praise_the_Lord 一切歌頌讚美.ppt

Prayer - 祈禱.ppt

Praying at 5AM in China 中國的早晨五點鐘.ppt

Precious are You Jesus 耶穌祢是寶貴.ppt

Precious Cross 寶貴十架.ppt

Promise Land 應許地.ppt

Rain of Blessings 主賜福如春雨.ppt

Rely on Jehova 依靠耶和华.ppt

Revive Holiness 復興聖潔.ppt


Shake_The_Heaven_And_Earth 震動天地.ppt


Silent Night.ppt

Since Jesus Came Into my Heart 自耶穌來住在我心.ppt

Sing Allelujah.ppt

Singing a Heavenly Song 唱一首天上的歌.ppt

Sing to the Lord a new song.ppt

Song of Victory.ppt

Stepping_Out 勇敢走出去.ppt

Stream_of_praise 贊美之泉.ppt

Thank You, Jesus  我獻上感謝.ppt

Thank you Lord 感恩歌.ppt

That They All May Be One 合而唯一.ppt

The Bond of Love 愛使我們合一 .ppt

The_crown_of_ages 年歲的冠冕.pptx

The dance of David 大衛之舞.ppt

The First Noel 聖誕佳音.ppt

The greatest thing 在最大的事.ppt

The Holy Lamb on the Throne 坐在寶座上聖潔羔羊.ppt

The_joy_of_the_Lord_is_my_strength 主的喜樂是我力量.ppt

The Lord Who Loves You Wholeheartedly 全然愛你的神.ppt

The Love of the Lord 主的愛.ppt

The Moon Stars on Christmas Eve 明月寒星.ppt

The Path Of Grace 恩典之路.ppt

There is a fountain 贖罪之泉.ppt

There is a God 有一位神.ppt

The truth of Love 愛的真諦 .ppt

This_generation_bi 這世代.ppt

This is the Day 耶和華所定的日子.ppt

Those Who Are Blessed 蒙恩的人.ppt

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus 信靠耶穌真是甜美.ppt

To God Be the Glory Hymn #66 榮耀歸於天父.ppt

Trumpet sounds 號聲已吹響.ppt

Trust and Obey_信靠顺服_PY.ppt

Turn_My_Life_To_You 真實的悔改.ppt

Two Masters 兩個主.ppt

Under His Wings 主翅膀下.ppt

Unite with Him 與主合一.ppt

Welcome song 歡迎歌.ppt

We're Going to See the King 將要見主面.ppt

We're Together Again 我們又在一起.ppt

We Shall Overcome 我們要得勝.ppt

We've Become A Family 我們成為一家人.ppt

We will Love 我們愛.ppt

When the Spirit of the Lord 當聖靈在我的心.ppt

Whom_have_I_but_you 除你以外.ppt

Worship at your throne 寶座前的敬拜.ppt

You_Are_My_All_In_All_(F) 祢是我的一切.ppt

You are my all in all 祢是我的一切.ppt

You Are My Hiding Place 祢是我藏身處.ppt

You Crown the Year with Your Bounty 祢以恩典為年歲的冠冕.ppt

You're Precious to Me 耶穌祢是寶貴.ppt

Your Promise 祢美好應許.ppt

Your Steadfast Love你愛永不變.ppt

You Shall Praise the Lord 你們當讚美耶和華.ppt